A unbeatable design innovation

ACON Andocksysteme CONnection is a removable connection for tubing to manufacturing of GMP compliant framework in all imaginable forming.

ACON-system is all new from square one and convinced without any compromises.

The smart engineering with the watertight ACON-connection particularly takes place at special-purpose solutions in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

In cleanrooms ACON is the optimal addendum of process units.

  Advantages of ACON-system:

  • · no corners, no angles, GMP
  • · no welding joints
  • · no visual screws
  • · easy cleaning surfaces
  • · short delivery times
      for special requests
  • · low transport costs because of
      modular and easy assembly

The innovation that leaves no desires unfulfilled.

With a few construction and design costs ACON-system enables to realise manifold, individual and stable framework for plant engineering.

Complete solutions in a breath: "Cut tubing, assembly, ready!" There is no easier and quicker way!