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Through close co-operation with our partners we have consistently delivered high quality containment products. Our new range of containment & PTFE seals has been developed in close cooperation with our seal manu-facturing partner who has extensive experience and excellent know how in the development and production of PTFE products. The new range of PTFE seals offer excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties, while still matching the stringent containment require-ments of the existing seals. Due to the innovative PTFE production techniques, very exact tolerances can be met while producing
a finished polished surface which requires no further manufacturing steps. These techniques combined with an encapsulated elastomer core ensure that the elasticity of the finished seal
is suitable for the highest requirements of demanding process pressure and vacuum conditions.

Standard PTFE seals are supplied in
white FDA compliant material, black conductive PTFE can be supplied when required.

Metal parts may be machined to exact tolerances, however, a docking system is only as good as the seals within. It is the sealing material that influence the quality of the containment achieved.

Our revolutionary manufacturing process eliminates the need for complex processing steps such as sintering, etching, vulcanising and reworking which normally have an adverse effect on the finished surface of the seal. With the resultant smooth and polished seal surface powder retention is virtually eliminated.