Everything runs well here, even under pressure


Everything runs well here, even under pressure

BSV Ball Segment Valves

Ball segment valves are the multi-talents among the process valves. Are your topics: high pressures, vacuum resistance and the reliable inlet and outlet of solid substances and liquid media determined by the free cross-section on conical mixers and dryers, reactors, double-cone dryers, agitator vessels and other sluices?

With a ball segment valve, the transfer of media and substances is reliably vacuum and pressure tight – thanks to inflatable perfluoroelastomer, EPDM and FPM/FKM seals. Static PTFE seals are also available.

The fact that we also design your individual shut-off valves to meet specific requirements such as dead space-free designs, complete extraction of liquids, fast drying or keeping products liquid due to cooled or heated segments speaks for us and thus for your high quality standards.

Reduce the total cost of ownership of your plants with ball segment valves with extremely long service lives and very low service expenditure.

Our ability to deliver your new ball segment valves with an optional pneumatic drive and an integrated control system for the matching static or inflatable seals and limit switches is an indicator of our technical level and the high standards we set ourselves.



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