All-rounder for process and containment


All-rounder for process and containment

APORT Hybrid Process Valve

There are a great many valves. A combined process and high containment interface is rare.

If you ask us about it, the answer is APORT. Why? Because this technology is easy to clean, withstands high pressures and vacuum, tolerates almost any temperature and countless solvents, and is also CIP/SIP-capable. That's why.

With this reliable technology, you can operate process plants with potentially explosive atmospheres such as mixers, dryers or reactors safely and at the highest level of containment.

Thus, APORT stands both for modern API production and for the efficient handling of your solids.

Your advantages – everything speaks for it:
  • Meets emission limits of ≤ 1 μg/m³
  • intuitive and safe handling
  • robust and compact design
  • integrated AVAX interface
  • Hybrid operation with AVAX plastic variant possible
  • CIP & SIP-capable version
  • ATEX conformity
  • Vacuum and high pressure tightness up to 10 bar
  • FDA approval of all seals
  • High temperature resistance
  • Housing can optionally be heated or cooled
  • inflatable seal technology with wiper


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