Single-use goes blending process


Single-use goes blending process


Are your stainless steel IBCs simply too heavy, too big and too costly for you over the entire lifecycle? If so, flexible mixed containers could be the solution for you.

The ACUBE-PRO plays a key role in this, because with its help an FIBC can be turned into a rigid mixed container, for example for mixed processes. All it takes: a simple support structure whose frame is equipped with four hinged support plates that open and close like the petals of a tulip. That makes the ACUBE-PRO the best current alternative to a stainless steel container and makes mixing solids much more economical for you.

By the way, the ACUBE-PRO can be adapted to quite different mixer receptacles.

It's not for nothing that the biopharmaceutical industry has already recognised the advantages of FIBCs today.


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